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Quality Control

Quality is at the centre of our vision, mission and philosophy. We have a dedicated quality control laboratory within the premises well equipped with hi-tech instruments.

At Cure Nutraceutical - colostrum powder manufacturer & supplier, the quality begins at the farm level. Over the last 20 years, the group of entrepreneurs has spent a considerable amount of time educating the producers and cattle rearers in the villages about the quality aspects and perishable nature of the product. They have established a strong network of collecting centres in rural areas equipped with deep freezers for chilling the bulk colostrum to preserve its quality before it reaches the processing facility. Because of the long relationship and goodwill enjoyed, Cure Nutraceutical (Colostrum Powder Manufacturer&Supplier) is a preferred buyer for the producers to supply the first and second milk immediately after the parturition.

As a part of the strict quality policy, Cure Nutraceutical (Colostrum Powder Manufacturer & Supplier) does not collect colostrum beyond the second milking in order to ensure the quality and best nutritional contents in the finished products.


Our Quality Control (QC) policy is a set of procedures intended to ensure that our manufactured colostrum product adheres to meets the certified quality standards as well as requirements of our clients.

Quality Control

International Quality
Standard In House Facility

Our in house facility is designed & well equipped with state of the art machinery to be compliant with and provide precedence to fire safety, health safety and staff safety.The design is also conducive to facilitate the process content flow and retain hygienic ambience.

In House Facilities

  • Friendly working environment.
  • Quality Check on random samples.
  • State - of- the art warehouse.

Quality Standard

Each selection has been carefully developed using the latest in scientific research, based on an efficacy and is rigorously tested to ensure the quality demanded by our highly trained and experienced team.

As of now, Cure Nutraceutical - Colostrum Powder Manufacturer&Supplier has started operations with GMP certification in compliance with AYUSH - Department of Govt. Of India. The manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art machinery for manufacturing and packaging the products. The in-house laboratory helps by checking and ensuring the quality of raw material before accepting it for processing.

The construction of the facility and its layout has been designed under the guidance of experienced and qualified consultants from the industry. Cure Nutraceutical is also quality certified with ISO 22000:2005 has successfully cleared the standard of ISO 22000:2005 qualification to further strengthen the quality assurance policy for its esteemed clients.

Quality Certification



All supplements meet or exceed GMP & ISO 22000:2005 standards and have adopted unique testing requirements for the identity, purity, strength, and composition of raw materials and finished products. organisation is also certified by international Halal certification.